Thursday, August 26, 2010

So I lied...

Thankfully I serve a merciful, gracious and redeeming God.

"But whoever has this world's goods and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word
or in tongue, but in deed and in truth..." 1 John 3:18

Last week there was a knock at my door, from a little neighborhood girl (who is all of about 11 years old) that lives not too far from me. I answered it, wondering what she must want now. She's been here before, either looking for her kid brother, or often times asking to *borrow* really random things.

I think her mom works a lot and isn't around to supervise much. My first clue was because of the way her little brother behaves and the language he uses when he's here, and my other hint is because of the really peculiar things they request. One time, the eldest sister, who is about 15/16 and a friend of theirs, who is staying with them, arrived at my door holding one baby on the hip and one toddler by the hand and asked to borrow a stroller. I was like ..really? a stroller? They don't even know me. But what ev. Go ahead, I got it out of the van for them. Then through the course of the conversation, I realized I recognized the *friend*. It was one of the teen moms I was trying to minister to back when I was volunteering at Lindberg (she has hit hard times is no longer with the "Baby Daddy" and is staying with this family for support. She had no idea that it was I that lived right down the street). It was an amazing orchestration of God's provision for this girl; and then of course, I was humbled that He allowed me to be apart of it.

Fast forward to last week and the familiar knock on the door returned. This time, I was not so humble , rather quite a bit annoyed when I answered only to be asked if I had some band-aids. Typically, I don't buy them because the boys love to use them as body art, so I quickly told her "No" and shut the door. About a second later I was overwhelmed with guilt, knowing that I did indeed have a couple of band-aids in my first aid kit in the car. But I was too lazy, too stingy and too angry to go get her even one. I felt horrible that I lied.

So. Last night I head to the store to get decorations for Mathias' birthday and pick up two sippy cups for Lucas...I figured it's about time to transition him to a cup for real (ok, ok, he's the *baby* and I'm letting him ride that wave as long as possible). Anyway, It wasn't what I intended on purchasing, but there they were.

What does this possibly have to do with this little girl you might ask? read on.

Then about an hour ago there's that little knock on the door again. This time, it's the little sister with her friend returning to ask if they can have 2 baby bottles. In my head, I was rolling my eyes at them for making such a ridiculous request, told them "sorry", that I still use all the ones I have and shut the door.

And in that split second.. AGAIN.. I realized, yes I do. I have a couple of short bottles Lucas doesn't ever use and.. da da daaaa.. I JUST bought those 2 sippy cups! So I turned back to the door and called the girls to come back. I asked if they needed the nipples and rings also, to which they replied yes. So I went and dug around a little bit and voila! Two bottles.

When I handed them to the girls, I asked what they needed them for (in all honesty I thought maybe they were playing with their baby dolls or something and wanted a dumb bottle). What they told me left me in a tail spin to which all I could do was shut the door and weep in my heart.

Apparently, a friend of theirs (NOT the same teen mom as before) got dropped off at their house unexpectedly with her 6 month old baby. The only thing they have with them was their clothes. The dad left them there (I'm guessing after a fight) and took off with all of the baby's things. ugh.

I am speechless.

Not necessarily for the situation with this young mother (sadly, this kinda of drama happens all the time). But for the provision, providence, redemption, mercy, grace, compassion, longsuffering, love and tenderness God is showing her... and me.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't amazing how God sees our heart always and in small glimpses we can see his? Thank goodness we have a merciful God, otherwise I'd be in a heap of trouble! :)