Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Breaking Point

Just a word to the wise. Be mindful that if you plan to start your life in any sort of ministry that you WILL be spiritually attacked.

It can come in many shapes or forms, but be watchful so that you do not be discouraged. I'm hanging by a thread tonight and feeling so confused. But the Word tells us that we are not given a Spirit of confusion, but of sound mind.

It does get discouraging and I start to feel like I want to throw in the towel. But I am watchful. I know that there is nothing more that the Enemy wants than to disable me and keep me from doing what I know I'm supposed to.

But the attacks are hard and they are fast. And they are personal. He knows how to get to me in my soft spot. In my heart. And usually, he plays me against my husband. All it takes is a weakness and BAM! I feel like I'll snap.

But I can't stop. I can't give in. Thank you Lord for giving me this little pep talk. I feel a bit better.

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Joy said...

Ooops, sorry, my comment got deleted! here it is again.

Oh yeah! It's awful when you get attacked like that!
My Dad took a break from being a pastor for a few years, and when he got back to pastoring we had almost forgotten how the enemy uses all kinds of things to discourage you when you're working for the Lord.
We recently went through a really hard time with the church, but it's getting better... nothing bad lasts forever!
(Just to let you know that you're not alone... My Mom is such a wonderful woman, but there are times when she gets really discouraged, especially when she disagrees with my Dad about something. But what she has found is that when she prays about it and honors my Dad no matter what that God always works things out for good.)
So keep up the good work! I'll pray that God would encourage you!
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