Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today was beautiful

The luncheon was a huge success. ROH gathered over $14K in donations. The speakers were great, the food was delicious and Laura was very, very articulate. I was so impressed with her poise and style.

I think people in our community have gotten a taste for what ROH actually does. Laura shared many stories of help that they have been able to offer, but left out some of the more gruesome details. Like the time she went in for a home visit and found a baby that had maggots crawling out of a wound on his little butt. Stories like these are not just stories. They happen all the time in her line of work. I don't know how she does it. I'm sure many tears have been shed.

But today was a celebration. ROH was honored by the Leadership Development Committee and lots of people were there. There were 3 awards given to a grandmother, mother and child that ROH has worked closely with. It was simply beautiful.

Right before I left for the luncheon, my husband called and said he got a donation of diapers from one of his stores. Like 2 or 3 pallets of diapers. God is so good! Just in time for their Diaper Drive.

Caroline was there today. I haven't seen her since at least December. She moved out of state but still keeps in contact with Laura regularly. It was nice to visit with her. We reminisced about how we came to know each other and my new interest on the StandUp Girl website. I am so relaxed with her. She just "knows".

Tomorrow I have to take my old highchair to one of the girls. For some reason I am totally dragging my feet on this one. I don't know why.... Oh yes I do.

I'm attached to the highchair.

How lame is that? But I am. It has gone through 2 of my last 3 babies. It is in great condition and fully functional. But getting rid of it is like getting rid of the last vestiges of baby-dom. I have no more babies in the house and I don't know if I ever will again. That thought saddens me. So I try not to think that way. But I do need to get the chair to the girl. She does have a baby that is ready for it.

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